Establishing digital authority leads to 2750% MQL increase

Client overview

Matillion is an industry-leading provider of cloud-based data integration solutions designed specifically for platforms such as Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery. Matillion delivers technology that enables companies to harness their data for better business insights, providing simplicity, speed, scale, and savings.

Buceit Digital adds a lot of bandwidth to our team and provide focus in areas that we are not always able to dedicate time to, but that can have short and long-term impacts. Their keen focus on SEO and their ability to provide content recommendations help us use our internal resources wisely and spend time where we know we can make a difference.

Sonya Hansen

The challenge

Although Matillion is an established player in the cloud ETL space, their marketing team had difficulty integrating a seamless strategy for traffic and conversions across the website and key landing pages.

The problem was two-fold.

First, organic traffic to the website was stagnant. Additionally, out of the visitors that were finding Matillion’s website organically, most of them weren’t converting into leads.

They needed a solution that would tackle both of these issues head-on.

The strategy

The Buceit Digital team was tasked with establishing a robust SEO strategy to draw qualified users in and optimize the landing page experience to produce high-quality conversions from Matillion’s ideal customers. To achieve significant results in both areas, we concentrated our efforts on link building, internal linking, and key conversion rate optimization tactics.

Growing domain authority

With SEO, there are various factors that influence organic traffic growth.

We identified backlinks as a key missing piece that hindered Matillion’s website from succeeding in organic rankings. To close the backlink gap and build Matillion’s domain authority, we sought out to secure guest blog opportunities from credible, industry-leading websites. Creating content for external publications allowed us to build high-quality backlinks, while simultaneously promoting the Matillion brand to a much wider target audience. This was a joint effort between Matillion’s marketing team and external guest writers.

After establishing a solid off-page SEO foundation, we turned our focus to improving Matillion’s on-page SEO. The Buceit Digital team implemented a tightly-knit internal linking web to improve user experience and make the site easier to crawl for search engines. We strategically place relevant links throughout the website to encourage users to click through and discover additional resources such as a helpful service page or a compatible blog article. This tactic also contributes to improving domain authority as it distributes internal link equity throughout different pages on the site.

Eliminating distractions

In the second phase of our strategy, we noticed that Matillion’s main landing pages were driving some organic traffic; however, these visitors were not clicking on the main call-to-action (CTA) and converting to leads. Instead, we observed that guests would browse through the page and click on various other links.

To shift the audience’s focus towards the primary CTA, our team set out to remove any clickable distractions that didn’t offer value to the audience. This included various internal links and the main navigation bar.

As with any good marketing tactic, it’s important to test variations of a landing page before making a final decision. We conducted a split test to compare the original version of the landing page against the version without distracting internal links. The test was structured so that 50% of site visitors saw the original landing page, while the other 50% were shown the new variant without internal links.

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