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With account-targeted and 100% risk free SQLs
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Focus on ICP

We work with you to understand and define your ICP and target accounts

Connect & Build

We connect and build relationships with your ICP before proposing your solutions

Add Knowledge

Knowledge opens all doors! We use your content resources to offer credible info

Validate Intent

Before we mark an SQL we validate intent and BANT parameters

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Why Do We Do It?

Solve Growth Problems
60 %
Coz no one else does, like we do! We solve growth problems for SaaS product companies and help them scale. We are driven by the excitement our clients show with our growth solutions. We are committed to our teams’ growth and success.
We Know, You May Have Few Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

As defined by ChatGPT: A Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is a prospect who has been evaluated by a company’s sales team and determined to have a high likelihood of becoming a paying customer. In other words, an SQL is a potential customer who has been identified as a good fit for the company’s products or services, has expressed interest in buying, and is at a stage in the buying process where they are ready to engage with a sales representative. An SQL is typically further down the sales funnel compared to a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and has demonstrated a stronger intent to purchase. The sales team will typically reach out to an SQL with personalized messaging and offer them targeted solutions or products based on their specific needs and preferences. The goal of the sales team is to move the SQL further along the sales pipeline towards a successful purchase.

Firstly, our SQLs are specific accounts targeted as per our agreed ICP targeting. We mandatorily validate our SQLs based on the following 4 parameters:

  • Budget – Is the budget approved / sanctioned for purchasing the solution?
  • Authority – Is the lead a real decision maker, does she/he have the authority?
  • Need – Does the lead have a need for the proposed solution?
  • Timeline – Is there a specific timeline for purchasing the solution?

All of our SQLs come with a 100% Risk-Free Refund Guarantee. It  means, if we are not able to provide the SQLs as within the agreed timelines, we will refund 100% of the SQL cost to you.

We work on a pre-order arrangement with 75% advance pay on the cost of SQLs. We work on a minimum batch of 6 SQLs and a maximum batch of 30 SQLs. You can order a minimum of 6 SQLs or more up to 30 SQLs in any order batch.
Yes, we charge 75% of the SQL cost in advance before starting of the project to cover the expenses incurred in generating a SQL. Rest 25% is invoiced and is required to be paid before handing over the SQL details and after the SQL introduction meeting with your team.
Every order cycle is of 100 days. If we are not able to provide a certain number of SQLs within this period, we will refund 100% for the number of SQLs we failed to generate.
Once we validate the SQLs based on our agreed ICP parameters, our relationship management team sets up a handover meeting with your sales team and the SQL. In the meeting we usually discuss the problem that the client is facing and how your solution can solve the problems. We will also discuss the budgets, introduce the authority who holds the budget, and potential timelines for procuring the solutions. Post this meeting all details of the SQLs are passed to your sales team over an email.
If we have failed to provide a certain number of SQLs as per the order batch within the batch cycle of 100 days, you can initiate a refund claim process for the undelivered SQL numbers in that batch from 101 day onwards by contacting your Key Account Manager.
We have been in business since 2018 and have worked with over 50 SaaS Product companies globally, helping them generate SQLs. Our SQls have generated over $500 Mn in cumulative sales for our clients. We can arrange for a reference if required from any of our existing clients based on their confirmation.
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